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Hi, you have reached my HackerSpace web page.
Below is a list of links, all to do with Arduino, Boards, Suppliers, and other fun things.
These links are as a result of a short article I wrote in March of 2015, for the MARC and SBARC cloubs.
The article is below, if you want to read it.


Here are the links of my suppliers, and what they supply:
Website Address
ICstation Parts, information, hummm? cheap though!
Mouser Parts and very good information
Digikey Parts and very good information
Sparkfun Parts and very good information
OSHpark PCB board from Eagle, $5 per sq inch.
Adafruit Boards, parts
CuteDigi The PCDuino! and other parts
Seeed Boards, parts
Newark element 14 Parts supply
Acrobotic Industries Parts
Maker Shed kits, parts, boards
Jameco Why is this one last, you ask?
Banggood Quite good, click on Electronics to get to the Arduino stuff

 My fav as at 9/9/2017



Some other useful links (Arduino and other boards)
Website Address
Basic Stamp One of the orginal boards.
Propeller Neat multiprocessor board
Arduino The Arduino, what else can I say!
Launch Pad TI's board
PCDuino Big board, runs Linux & Arduino
Rasberry Pi The board from the UK
BeagleBone The board from the USA
EagleCad PCB design program, free, OSHPark can use its output.



Hackerspaces (Places to hack, what else!)
Website Address
SBHackerspace A space!
SBMakerspace An article on Makerspace
SBMakerspace Makerspace on Meetup
Meetup Meetup, a place to meet up.



Some other useful links (Radio)
Website Address
Use/Comments Something like Echolink
MARC Morongo Basin ARC
SBARC Santa Barbara ARC Who is this guy? A link to this website???


The Article


Hi, Steve Morse KI6HGH here, I am writing this article for 2 groups of people, MARC, and SBARC.

MARC is a group of Hams in the Yucca Vally area, where I live. SBARC is a group of Hams in the Santa Barbara area where I used to live. I participate in several of the SBARC nets via Allstar.

I went to the 2015 March meeting of the MARC this evening. Rob Cloutier gave a talk on Arduinos, which are small microcomputers, and some of the neat circuits he has built. After the meeting, Rob and I, and several other members got to talking about these wonderful little peices of equipment, and what they can do.

One of the topics discussed was were to buy parts, boards, and other 'stuff', so I mentioned to Rob, and all assembled that I would put a list of suppliers up on my web site.

These links can be accessed by going to my web site and then clicking on 'Arduino Links' links on the main page or on the index on the left hand side.

The suppliers listed below, I have dealt with every one of them, they are listed in my bookmarks in this order. They are listed in this order because they are the best I have found. Each has their strengths and weakness, I am not going to say which ones are better or worse, but I will deal with every one listed again. Your miles may vary as we say!

Also there are several makers of boards. I have, and have used the following boards.
Arduino UNO, MEGA, the TI Launch Pad, and PCDuino, Parallax Basic Stamp, and the Parallax Propeller.
I have made some boards myself, mainly Arduino based, and some add on boards and shelds.
I may, if there is sufficent interest write a short article on each one.

If you need any help, parts, or just want to chat, about there wonderful little boards, you can call me on (805) 881-3055
or email, I love meeting at a coffee shop, hint, hint!

Steve Morse, KI6HGH


SB Hackerspace

SB Makerspace




Santa Barbara MakerSpace 3D Printing info handout PDF.


Other stuff

Santa Barbara Makerspace Sign In Form

Santa Barbara MakerSpace Sign in sheet PDF.








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