KI6HGH Steve Morse Ham Links

Steve Morse KI6HGH Ham Links

Here are the links to other sites ...

Fun Historical Sites (for Dylan)

The History of the Car Radio

The History of the Car Radio by Carly Hallman

With thanks to Kelly Ackford

Some more fun links for kids to try...

Boy Scouts of America JOTA 2016

High Desert Trail Car Rally, Camping, and a Tortoise!

For the Tortoise, click on "Click here for the photos" then click Next 5 times.

Yucca Valley Area

 Santa Barbara Area




Here are the links to my documents....

So You Want To Become a Ham.

Now you have become a Ham!, try the next one...

SBARC Fact Sheet - Front, general details.

SBARC Fact Sheet - Back, Nets and Repeaters details.





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