KI6HGH Steve Morse Videos of Yucca Vally & Ham Shack

Steve Morse KI6HGH Videos of Yucca Vally & Ham Shack


My lastest 2015 Videos are here.

2014 12 31 12 43 26           ROBOT - My robot that I built for the EE40LX course on edX


Sorry, no preview, click the link!          THE LINK


The video shows my ROBOT starting with a beep!, and a shout of START!. Running and stopping when it sees a light! Then turning around and running away!


2014 12 31 12 43 26           KI6HGH - Snow at the QTH in Yucca Valley.

Snow in Yucca Valley. Also shows my MFJ tuner and my G5RV. The final view is of my roommates horse Primo. From KI6HGH


2015 01 01 15 27 02           KI6HGH - To Go Radio Box

My To Go box for my FT-817 radio, from KI6HGH.


2014 12 31 13 16 34           KI6HGH - Shack

A view of my shack, from KI6HGH


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